First Aid for Removal of Food & Drink Stains

Superwipes Instructions

Treat the stain immediately, place a piece of cloth on the inner side of the fabric.

Wipe the stain with the wipe in a circular motion then wait ten minutes. Wash or clean the garment afterwards

Dos and dont’s

instructions how to use stain removal wipes

Elias Superwipes are designed to remove stains from clothes; they are not for hygienic use and are not edible.

They are suitable for a wide range of fabrics, but should not be used on fabrics that are labelled ‘do not bleach’.


“Elias Superwipes are a total must have for me as a stylist. I have used them on so many projects from the Xfactor to This Morning”

Faye Sawyer, Stylist & TV Presenter

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